The Farmerís Market

Justin Tse, Whitney High School - 11 grade

Every week my family looks forward to Saturday morning. Why? Itís the one day of the week when farmers from all over California sell their organically grown fruits and vegetables to the citizens of my town, Cerritos. Although the Framerís Market seems like a mere outdoor supermarket, the market is special because it links the unique aspects of California. It connects the traditional agrarian apple and grape farmers from the green farmlands of Tehapachi and Fresno to the urban communities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. It pulls residents from their mundane metropolitan lives to a gathering of people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Look at the picture; we see a Hispanic farmer selling grapes, plums, and peaches to a Chinese couple and an Indian woman as a Caucasian woman walks by. The lifeblood of California is depicted through this rare gathering of farmers and the community.

© 2005 Justin Tse, Displayed with permission.