Mountain of Gold

Fritzi Kreitzer, Morro Bay High School - 11th grade

Montaña de Oro is the crowning glory of the California Coast, or so the Spaniards must have thought as its name literally means “Mountain of Gold”. Situated at the southern corner of California’s Central Coast, Montaña de Oro covers over eight thousand acres, including seven miles of shoreline comprised of sandy beaches along the sand spit to the north, and rugged cliffs and headlands to the south. This gorgeous mountain boasts an amazing view of Morro Rock and the blue Pacific, and is also host to a vast amount of creatures within the tide pools, and the sandy dunes at its foot. Thus, it is secluded from the public, and to this day is only known to the local people. Beautiful California deserves its name when envisioned through just one of its “Mountains of Gold”.

© 2006 Fritzi Kreitzer, Displayed with permission.