California Division

Justin Cruel, Califorina Academy of Math and Science - 11th grade

It may seem strange that my photo is that of an overpass bridge tagged with graffiti, but I believe that it says something about the state of California. Graffiti at one point meant art, but now is used to establish territorial lines. On this particular bridge the graffiti overlap each other, as if they are in conflict with one another. The different pieces of graffiti represent the different gangs, people and divisions among Californians and how those differences have caused us to fight with one another. While they kill each other, they forget one thing, we are all humans and the differences between us are only superficial. This is how I see California, divisions among the youth and how those divisions end up hurting one another. It needs to change so that we are no longer divided, but are instead one, tolerant and understanding.

© 2006 Justin Cruel, Displayed with permission.