Falls At Yosemite

Monica Aguilar, California Academy of Math and Science - 11th grade

The photograph depicts a peaceful and particularly magnificent scene at one of Yosemite National Park’s captivating waterfalls. Despite the fact that the vast majority of California may very well be considered a technical atmosphere in which the modern commodities of city life are greatly emphasized, this image manages to elicit a sense of relaxation. In today’s society, good portions of Californians do not pause during their hectic schedules to actually revel in the simple happiness brought about by nature. Thus, its subject matter contrasts sharply against the modern-day California city life, showing that perhaps genuine peace and tranquility can be found in the simplest forms presented by nature. In addition, such contrast serves to remind Californians of the fact that such precious natural lands are virtually all that is left of what was once completely undisturbed soil. So long as these comforting sites remain, the Golden State will continue to offer the pleasant combination of the modern world and nature in its pure form.

© 2006 Monica Aguilar, Displayed with permission.