A Day at the Beach

Peace on Earth

Carly Gabara, Bonita Vista High School - 11th grade

My photograph represents California in just one word, "peaceful." The photo shows a Californian creating an internationally recognized symbol of "peace." I think the photo underscores our state of ethnic, religious, and philosophical diversity where we are all still able to keep peace with one another. Having the symbol drawn on a beautiful day on the beach at Santa Cruz, I can appreciate our gorgeous beaches and wonderful weather. Watching the man artfully create the symbol for "peace," I understand that the appreciation and preservation of nature is a top priority for the residents of California. Nature portrays "peace" at many of California's national and state parks, lakes, and beaches to be taken in with just a "blink of an eye" or a "snap of the shutter." As I was shooting that day, I was thinking how lucky I am to be a Californian.

© 2007 Carly Gabara, Displayed with permission.