Issues in School Reform: Students Perspectives - November 5, 1997

What does it mean to say we want school reform? At the very least, it means that we are not satisfied with the way things are in the schools. Consequently, a lot of writing and speaking on school reform is filled with criticism of school policy and practice. If you read about school reform, you may not like the changes being proposed, but you will probably find yourself agreeing that schools need to be changed.

Supporters of school reform may not agree on what needs to be reformed, but they do agree that the present system is inadequate. They frequently use the same evidence, such as low scores on state and national tests, to show how the present system is failing. They also talk about future needs for job training to prepare students for living in the 21st Century as reasons for school reform.

This meeting considers current legislation designed to reform California's public schools such as vouchers and testing.