Violent Images, Violent Acts: What Can Schools and Students Do? - December 8, 1998

Is our society becoming more violent? As you consider this question, don't think of "our society" as some abstract idea that doesn't affect you. Think of "our society" as the social environment that you experience every day. Does fear of violence keep you from doing things you would like to do? Are the adults you interact with, such as parents and teachers, more or less worried about violence than they ought to be?

The violent acts we read about in the newspaper, and the violent images we see on television shows have become an increasing focus of public concern. A great deal of that concern has been directed toward the protection of young people through laws, school policies, and the rules that exist in their families. Our focus for this Town Hall Meeting is the protection of young people from violence - both real and imaginary (when it comes in the form of entertainment).