Cell Phones at School: Necessary Convenience or Irritating Intrusion? Student Run Press Conference - March 20, 2003

In recent years, cell phones have become a mainstay in American culture. From malls to restaurants to cars, cell phone users are everywhere! But existing state law prohibits a school from permitting the possession and/or use of a cell phone by a student while at school or at school sponsored events, unless medically necessary. Senate Bill 1253 calls for shifting the decision-making powers from state authorities to local school districts. The bill would allow school districts to maintain a no cell phone policy or to adopt a different policy appropriate for their students. Do cell phones belong on school campuses? Is learning disrupted by the potential use of cell phones at school? Are students entitled to have access to cell phones at school for safety reasons or to be able to communicate with their parents? This meeting will give both students and teachers the forum to voice their opinions.