Protecting California: Keeping the State Safe While Maintaining Civil Liberties - February 6, 2003

Life in California and around the nation has changed in many ways since 9-11-2001. From strict airport security to armed security forces in public places, the liberties that many of us once took for granted, have been affected. States around the nation, including California, have implemented tough new laws to keep people safe. At the same time, many are left wondering what the consequences might be to civil liberties in the name of public safety. Can we be “safe” and still enjoy our usual “freedoms”? How has California tackled the issue of terrorism within our boarders? What are policymakers doing to tighten security in public places and, at the same time, ensuring that our cherished civil liberties are not being violated? This meeting will give students the opportunity to weigh in and offer their opinions to state leaders.