Election 2004: What’s at stake? - October 14, 2004

In November, voters will go to the polls to determine who will lead the United States for the next four years. While the field of candidates is broad, the two major party candidates are incumbent, George W. Bush, a Republican and his challenger U.S. Senator John Kerry, a Democrat. Many important issues are on the minds of voters this year and this Town Hall Meeting will provide students with the opportunity to voice their concerns with representatives from both parties. Students will share their thoughts on issues ranging from national security and the war in Iraq to the state of the economy and environmental issues. This meeting will enable students to make informed “voting” decisions as they learn more about the candidates seeking the presidency and the issues driving the election. Following the meeting, students will vote in a mock election. Written materials developed for the meeting will assist teachers in the classroom in simulating the voting experience as closely as possible.