Liberal Arts Master's Program
Admissions Procedures

  1. Persons interested in applying to the Liberal Arts Master's Program are advised to visit the website of the Office of Graduate Studies ( In order to matriculate in a graduate degree program, applicants must apply online for graduate admission to the University and for classification in a specific degree program. An applicant must be admitted to the University as an unclassified graduate student prior to becoming a classified graduate student in a particular program; however, it is customary and advantageous to seek admission and classification simultaneously. The University does not admit international students to unclassified status.

  2. Application Deadlines: Students are urged to complete their application by March 1 in order for successful applicants to be included before the registration process for courses begins.

  3. For Admission to the University: Follow the instructions as set forth online at the Office of Graduate Studies website (see "Application Information and Procedures").

    For Admission to the Liberal Arts Master's Program: At the same time the student applies for admission to the University, application must be made separately to the Liberal Arts Master's Program by providing a statement of purpose and three letters of recommendation (see 1. and 2. below); send materials to: Liberal Arts Master's Program, California State University, Sacramento, 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819-6083

    1. a statement of purpose of about 500 words (typed) in response to the following question: How does the Liberal Arts Master's Program fit with your talents, interests, and aspirations?
    2. three letters of recommendation on official letterhead from individuals who can assess the applicant's potential for graduate study.
    When the University application file in the Graduate Center is complete, it is forwarded to the Liberal Arts Master's Program and merged with the program file. At this point, the application file is reviewed by the admissions committee. THE APPLICATION FILE IS NOT FORWARDED TO THE ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE UNTIL ALL FORMS, TRANSCRIPTS, AND LETTERS REQUIRED BY THE PROGRAM HAVE BEEN RECEIVED.