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Student information

 To Stay Current:

  1. Sac State Liberal Studies student e-mail group (listserv):
    LIBS-L, the Liberal Studies major listserv (get up-to-date info delivered right to your e-mail inbox!)
  2. Sac State SCTA (Student California Teachers Association)

Registering for Classes for Fall 2015:

  1. Registration Dates and Deadlines
  2. Physics 107 Registration Prerequisites
  3. Race and Ethnicity Courses
  4. Writing Intensive Courses
  5. Classes Limited to Upper Division Students:
    Art 133, Geog 100, Kins 172 (no freshmen), Musc 101 (no freshmen)

Testing Information:

  1. To Continue Your Undergraduate Program:
    For Math Placement: Intermediate Algebra Diagnostic IAD
    For Writing Placement for Juniors WPJ (including test dates)

Tutoring Opportunities:

To Prepare for Teaching Credentialing:

  1. California Basic Educational Skills Test CBEST - Don't forget to check out the practice test! Sign up for a paper-based test.
  2. California Subject Examinations for Teachers CSET - Don't forget to check out the practice test!

Various records/evaluations forms: For Sac State students throughout your undergraduate academic career from the Office of the University Registrar: Forms

Work Experience with Children: Required to enter the Sac State multiple subject credential program. ALSO earn cash and/or units.

  1. Sac State's Career Center can help you find a job or, if you have a job, can arrange for you to get units!
  2. Camp Adventure
  3. ASI Aquatic Center

File to Graduate: If you think you will complete degree requirements by Spring 2016 (deadline October 1) then file to graduate.  Make sure you completed at least 85 units. Complete your graduation application on line. Log on to the Office of the University Registrar's site and read the information about how to proceed first. Then log on to your My Sac State account, click on the Graduation Application button and proceed to file the new way.

Here's some tips to get you past some of the hangups we seem to be encountering. Any questions about what you've done? Come to Lassen Hall 2008 for assistance!

Commencement for Winter 2015 Graduating Seniors: Friday, December 18, 11:30 am, Sleep Train Arena. Please sign up in advance and arrive by 10:30 am.

Sac State Teaching Credentials Program:

  1. Check out the Admissions Guide
  2. When you are ready to apply: CSUS credential program Sac State Multiple Subject Credential Application
  3. Don't forget about prerequisites, other preparations for the program, student fees, etc.  frequently asked questions about the CSUS multiple subject credential program
  4. For those planning to apply, consider attending one of the information sessions coming up.

Financial Information: There are several resources to check out

  1. Sac State Financial Aid, Grants, Loans, and Scholarships
  2. Sac State College of Education Grants, Scholarships
  3. College Scholarship
  4. The U.S. Department of Education

And finally, you ready to teach: EDJOIN.ORG (Education job opportunities information network)