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  1. Sign up to be on the Sacramento State Liberal Studies student e-mail group (listserv):
    LIBS-L, the Liberal Studies major listserv
  2. Make an appointment to see an advisor at least once a semester. Stop by Lassen Hall 2008 to sign up
  3. Sacramento State Student California Teachers Association (SCTA)

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  1. Spring 2018 Important Dates
  2. Physics 107 Registration Prerequisites
  3. Bio 7 - can't get in? Come to Lassen Hall 2008
  4. Chem 106 - can't get in? Come to Lassen Hall 2008
  5. Race and Ethnicity (Scroll towards the bottom of the page)
  6. Writing Intensive (Scroll towards the bottom of the page)
  7. Educ 127 A/B - check it out
  8. Classes Limited to Upper Division Students:
    ART 133, GEOG 100, KINS 172 (no first year students), MUSC 101 (no first year students)

Testing Information

To Continue Your Undergraduate Program:
Math Placement: ALEKS PPL (Placement, Preparation and Learning)
Writing Placement:  Writing Placement for Juniors (WPJ) 

Academic & Campus Support Services

This document lists out academic and campus support services that are available to Sacramento State students. You can find department and program contact information using the university directory

Summer and winter session courses are managed by the College of Continuing Education (CCE), check their website for more information and assistance

File to Graduate

Make sure you completed at least 85 units before filing. Complete your graduation application via your My Sac State account. Log on to your My Sac State account, click on the Graduation Application drop down section on the left side. Visit the Registrar's website for more information.

Here are some tips to get you past some of the hang-ups we seem to be encountering. Any questions about what you've done? Come to Lassen Hall 2008 for assistance!


Applications for spring 2018/summer 2018 graduation in Liberal Studies are due October 1st.  Please follow the instructions below to file for graduation.  DO NOT PROCEED WITHOUT READING THE FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS.  Your graduation application will be returned to you if not completed correctly. 

  1. Log into your Student Center in My Sac State and click on Graduation Application from the pull-down menu
  2. Read all of the instructions completely
  3. If you are completing a minor and you have not declared the minor, do not proceed!  Your minor MUST BE declared prior to completing the graduation application.  Once the minor is posted you may continue
  4. After fully reading the instructions, click “Continue to Application”
  5. Click the link for your Academic Requirements report and compare your AR report to your Liberal Studies advising form.    Make note of any classes you’ve been given credit for on your advising form that are missing from the AR report (red boxes = not completed) (“substitutions” – ie Educ 165 for Hrs 162).
  6. List the missing class substitution(s) in the box on the graduation application titled “Course substitutions, waivers, notes”
  7. If you are not completing a minor, indicate the concentration you are completing in the box
  8. After listing any missing substitutions and your concentration in the box, click “Submit” and you are all set!

If you have questions, please schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor ASAP so you can meet the Oct 1 deadline.


Commencement: Application for Spring 2018 graduation in October 1. Guests must reserve their tickets for seats, for more information, visit Advancement's website

Sacramento State Teaching Credential Programs

For information sessions, applications, application workshops, and related forms, you can find it here