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Arts and humanities, the soul of the College of Arts and Letters, seek to elucidate both the human condition and the human spirit. Students learn a variety of skills, from analytical and principled thinking to aesthetic judgment and cultural acumen in the service of ideas, creativity and insightful discourse.

Introduction: On the Region's StagePlay Clip

U Nite PerformanceThe magazine welcomes Dr. Edward Inch, dean of the College of Arts and Letters; and Nickolas Fletcher, a Communication Studies major. The dean discusses the college’s mission and its connection to the community through events such as U-Nite, the String Project and Second Saturday; and Fletcher shares his campus experiences and future goals.

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President KennedyProfessor Joseph Palermo looks back on 1963, a year that changed American history. It was the year of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the signing of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Palermo is the author of In His Own Right: The Political Odyssey of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, and Robert F. Kennedy and the Death of American Idealism.

Department of Theatre and DancePlay Clip

Theatre PerformanceTheatre and Dance Chair Melinda Wilson Ramey talks about the rigors of balancing her department’s academic mission with the tremendous amount of work required to produce and perform in theater and dance pieces. Student Ure Egbuho shares her experiences of juggling the demands of performance with her other studies.

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One Book EventSac State’s One Book Program is a campus-wide initiative involving all academic disciplines, class levels and members of the campus community. Each year, a book is chosen, and participants engage in discussions with the author and join in service projects that address social issues raised by the book. The magazine welcomes Sheree Meyer, associate dean for Undergraduate Studies and creator of Sac State’s One Book Program; and student John Kanemoto.

Department of MusicPlay Clip

Jazz students playing saxophoneA music degree in jazz studies produces performers of unique versatility. During this segment, award-winning conductor Steve Roach and graduate student/musician Carlos McCoy share their thoughts about the Jazz Studies program, which offers jazz performance instruction, traditional concepts and a thorough grounding in music fundamentals.

Slide show: Camerata CapistranoPlay Clip

Camerata CapistranoEnjoy beautiful images of Sacramento State’s campus and the music of Camerata Capistrano, the University’s renowned baroque music ensemble. The ensemble is performing the works of composers who lived at about the same time as Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Camerata Capistrano been featured at the Berkeley Festival & Exhibition; Live at Mission Blue in Brisbane; the Chico Bach Festival at Chico State; and Sacramento’s Bravo Bach Festival.

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