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About the MASE Center


The mission of the MASE Center at Sacramento State is to improve the quality of mathematics and science teaching and learning in the schools of the Sacramento region. The MASE Center collaboratively unites the expertise of K-12 teachers and administrators; university and community college science, mathematics, and education faculty; educational researchers; and local scientists and mathematicians to accomplish this mission. Implementation of the mission is focused primarily on the professional development of mathematics and science teachers. Through systemic research, evaluation, and feedback, we strive to continuously improve our programs to fulfill this mission.


The Center for Mathematics and Science Education is part of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, in partnership with the College of Education. The Center provides a home to the following projects:

Sacramento Area Science Project—SASP: The Sacramento Area Science Project (SASP) is an education partnership between the University of California, Davis and Sacramento State. SASP is a regional site of the California Science Project, one of the California Subject Matter Projects. SASP provides a range of professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers of science, K-12 administrators, community college faculty, and university faculty.

California State University Sacramento Mathematics Project—CSUSMP: The Sacramento State Math Project is a regional site of the California Mathematics Project, one of the California Subject Matter Projects. The Math Project provides area teachers with opportunities to improve the quality of teaching and learning in their mathematics classrooms.

Ongoing Programs

Science in the River City—SIRC: Science in the River City is an outstanding standards-based professional development program for K-12 science teachers. SIRC is held about once a month after school at Sacramento State during the academic year. The program is designed to deepen teachers’ understanding of science (through hands-on, inquiry-based labs and activities) and provides innovative ideas, lessons, and strategies for teachers to use back in their classrooms. The workshops are taught by university faculty or teacher leaders from the Sacramento Area Science Project.

Math Project Saturday Meetings: Saturday Meetings provide excellent professional development for K-12 math teachers during the school year. The standards-based meetings are designed to enrich mathematic content knowledge and understanding. Typical sessions involve deep mathematical thinking, problem solving, lesson analysis, peer coaching, and grade-level specific breakout sessions, all taught using powerful teaching strategies. The sessions are taught by university faculty or teacher leaders from the CSUS Math Project.

Professional Development Services

The MASE Center provides mathematics and science professional development to K-12 teachers in the greater Sacramento region. We provide contract services for school districts and County Offices of Education requesting specific content to support science and mathematics instructional programs. We also partner with districts and County Offices of Education to collaboratively seek grant opportunities to provide professional development for K-12 teachers. We have extensive experience in managing large grant programs, providing summer science & mathematics institutes, and in organizing school-year lesson study and teacher coaching. We also provide specific expertise related to literacy and model-based reasoning in science.

Staff Members
Rich Hedman
Director, MASE
Co-Director, SASP
916 278-4870
Fax 916 278-5084
Lilia de la Merced
Adminstrative Support Coordinator II, MASE
916 278-5487
Fax 916 278-5084
Debbie Dennick
SIRC and Event Coordinator, MASE
916 278-4497
Fax 916 278-4770

Arthur Beauchamp
Director, SASP, UC Davis
530 752-5876
Fax 530 752-6135
Scott Farrand
Principal Investigator, CSUSMP
916 278-6129
Fax 916 278-4770
Judi Kusnick
Co-Director MASE
Principal Investigator, SASP
916 278-4692
Deb Stetson
Project Director, CSUSMP
916 278-5951
Fax 916 278-4770

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