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Sample Course Syllabi

Math Courses Statistics Courses
Mathematical Reasoning (Math 1)

Essentials of Algebra and Trigonometry (Math 9)

Algebra for College Students (Math 11)
Honors Mathematical Reasoning (Math 15H)
An Introduction to Exploration, Conjecture, and Proof in Mathematics (Math 17)
Modern Business Mathematics (Math 24)
Calculus I for the Social and Life Sciences (Math 26A)
Calculus II for the Social and Life Sciences (Math 26B)
Pre-Calculus Mathematics (Math 29)
Pre-Calculus Mathematics A (Math 29A)
Pre-Calculus Mathematics B (Math 29B)
Calculus I (Math 30)
Calculus II (Math 31)
Calculus III (Math 32)
Introduction to Linear Algebra (Math 35)
Differential Equations for Sciene and Engineering (Math 45)
Applied Linear Algebra (Math 100)
Combinatorics (Math 101)
Number Theory (Math 102)
Vector Analysis (Math 104)
Advanced Mathematics for Science and Engineering I & II(Math 105A)
Fundamental Mathematical Concepts (Math 107A/B)
Introduction to Formal Mathematics (Math 108)
Modern Algebra (Math 110A/B)
Linear Algebra (Math 117)
College Geometry (Math 121)
Functions of a Real Variable (Math 130A/B)
Functions of a Complex Variable (Math 134)
Introduction to Numerical Analysis (Math 150)
Mathematical Logic (Math 161)
Set Theory (Math 162)
Linear Programming (Math 170)
History of Mathematics (Math 190)
Capstone Course for the Teaching Credential Candidate (Math 193)
Algebraic Structures (Math 210A/B)
Topology (Math 220A/B)
Real Analysis (Math 230A/B)
Complex Analysis (Math 234A/B)
Applied Mathematics (Math 241A/B)
Introduction to Statistics (Stat 1)
Introduction to Probability and Statistics (Stat 50)
Intermediate Statistics (Stat 103)
Introduction to Probability Theory (Stat 115A/B)
Introduction to Techniques of Operations Research (State 155)
Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (Stat 215A/B)




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