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FOR STUDENTS TAKING MATH 1(Sections 14&15), MATH 9, MATH 24, MATH 26A/B, MATH 30, MATH 31, MATH 32, MATH 130A/B, STAT 1:

The following website has been created to meet the specific needs of our department:

Professors might use the WEBASSIGN online homework system which requires an access code. At the website listed above you can find the bundles of textbooks, codes and other materials needed for your courses. These access codes can also be purchased bundled with a new textbook or independently from www.webassign.net at the beginning of the semester. Note that access codes purchased independently are usually more expensive than the ones bundled with a textbook. Please contact your instructor if you have specific questions regarding a course.


Please visit www.hornetbookstore.com, www.ichapters.com, www.amazon.com or other sites to find the best options to buy your textbooks.


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