Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Multi-Cultural Center (MCC)?

  • A student-centered program, established in 1991 to promote social and cultural awareness

  • An environment for students to connect and build community with historically under-represented groups or those interested in advancing the goals of social justice

  • A program interested in co-creating mission-aligned events, films, and initiatives.

  • A place for collaboration across historically under-represented communities in higher education.

  • A community promoting, empowering, and cultivating social justice-minded leaders.

  • A place where students, staff, and faculty can co-create our future.

What does the MCC do?

  • Assists in event and program coordination for collaborative campus initiatives.

  • Provides students with numerous opportunities to create and facilitate their own workshops or events related to the mission and vision of the MCC.

  • Provides support and research resources, including access to computers (no printing), small library, event co-sponsorship, and knowledgeable and friendly staff.

  • Maintains a student centered space featuring: a welcoming environment, tables and couches to study/socialize and periodic art installations.

  • Provides consultations to registered student organizations, staff, and faculty for event, workshop, and heritage month programming assistance.

Are you hiring?

  • We hire student assistants for each academic school year. Be sure to contact the MCC closer to the beginning of each semester to learn about the different ways you can get involved. Open positions will be posted on th Career Connection website administered through Sacramento State's Career Center. Click here to search job postings.

How can I get involved at the MCC?

  • Attend events or programs.

  • Host an event or program (especially through your student organization or as staff and faculty).

  • Individual students can stop by the MCC and meet with a staff member to discuss interest in putting on a program or event on campus.

  • Get involved with the growing student community by simply stopping by.

How can I request MCC co-sponsorship for our event?

The MCC welcomes co-sponsorship requests from the following:

  •         On-campus registered student organizations

  •         Staff and faculty groups or individuals

  •         Sacramento State programs, departments, and offices

Review our co-sponsorship program guidelines by e-mailing your request to and you will be e-mailed a co-sponsorship packet to see if your program, event, or initiative meets the criteria.  You can also come in to the center so a staff member can explain the co-sponsorship guidelines.

  • The overarching goal of the co-sponsorship program is to support transformative diversity and social justice initiatives that serve the general student body and multiple campus communities.

  • In addition to offering co-sponsorship in name and consultation, the MCC has a small budget for co-sponsorship funds to distribute for student learning initiatives over the academic year.

  • MCC co-sponsorships are intended to support programming that promotes and supports the mission and vision of the MCC.  In keeping with the vision and mission, Co-sponsorship proposals should clearly support the needs of historically and systematically under-represented communities, advance awareness of social justice issues, and promote intentional community building for students.

  • To produce the best possible proposal, the MCC strongly encourages groups to collaborate with one another to forge partnerships across campus communities when planning their program.  The strongest proposals will be comprised of multiple communities or organizations that are working in collaboration to produce/host an event of interest to all involved parties.

  • The MCC will give priority to proposals that prioritize funding needs and demonstrate effective funding allocations, explain how the program will meet the mission and vision of the MCC, and design programs/events that will reach the greatest number of students.

How can we reserve the Multi-Cultural Center?

The Multi-Cultural Center is available for small events, workshops, and discussions related to our mission, vision, and program philosophy.  Given our capacity, reservations are made on a limited, case-by-case basis. To request a reservation fill out a “Center Request” form which is available by e-mailing, You can also make an appointment with a staff member to talk about your proposed event reservation. It is recommended that you submit the “Center Request” form at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event.  This does not guarantee the availability of the space.

The requesting party is responsible for allocating adequate set-up and clean-up time on their “Center Request” form and providing the set-up before and clean-up after each event. Cancellations must be made as soon as possible.

The MCC has the following for event use:  16 rolling chairs, 20 stacking chairs, two loveseats, two couches, two 6-foot folding tables, and 4 round tables.