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As a student, staff, or faculty, you can get involved by:

  • Coming to events and programs
  • Coordinating key events, programs, and projects to address the needs of historically underrepresented or underprivileged groups
  • Offering workshops and community-building events aimed at connecting students, staff, and faculty
  • Collaborating on special projects or events

As a student, check out our:

  • Leadership opportunities: our new internship program, volunteer, or personal development
  • Collaborative projects with student organizations
  • Center space where students can study, rest, and mingle with other students interested in diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice.

Intern Program

The Multi-Cultural Center Leadership Intern Program at Sacramento State launched its pilot program in Fall 2008 with 5 interns: special projects, peer education, programming, and facility interns.  The number of internships and positions are subject to change based on annual needs, program goals, and capacity issues.

The purpose of the Leadership Intern Program is to assist students in reaching their full potential as cultural workers, individuals, and leaders through hands-on experience at the Multi-Cultural Center.  Each cohort of interns contributes to the overall goals of the center including, creating spaces for dialogue; raising awareness on issues of social justice, equity, and diversity; and planning events for and about members of historically and systematically under-represented groups.

Interns are required to meet one-on-one with staff for personal and professional growth and to attend weekly intern staff meetings.  As a part of the leadership development component, interns are required to attend retreats and meetings, as well as engage in a self-guided study of readings for leadership, diversity, and social justice.  Curriculum is provided to supplement the experiential learning component.

Participants in the internship program benefit from gaining work experience that can apply toward graduate school and in professional settings, as well as learn the importance and impact of teamwork, communication, and diverse working styles. The environment fosters a holistic way of working with staff, who will advise and mentor interns to help them balance all aspects of their campus and academic lives.

MCC Leadership Interns are selected by an application process during the Spring semester for the following academic year.  Typical internships last one academic year, however, those interested in returning may apply for another additional year of service.

Interns are vital components to the MCC program.  They carry out the mission of the center through their individual events, projects, and significantly aid staff in crucial ways, such as writing and editing the e-newsletter, arranging campus visits for future students and their parents organize discussion and informational panels, maintain the website, and other activities.  Interns bring the passion and energy needed to co-create innovative programs for the students at Sacramento State.

Program Goals

- Teach  leadership skills through curriculum and experiential learning

- Encourage the personal growth of student leaders

- Equip students with tools to effectively support MCC programs

- Build a community of leaders

- Create opportunities for self-initiated projects

- Increase awareness and experience of issues surrounding identity development and social justice

Are you looking to get involved and work for social justice? The Multi-Cultural Center at Sacramento State is looking for you!

The central mission of the Multi-Cultural Center leadership intern program is to develop a cohort of student leaders capable of creating programs that foster social justice education and cultural awareness.  In a supportive environment, interns will carry out the mission and vision of the MCC program.  Interns are integral to developing relationships and inspiring leadership with the general student body. Internships are offered for one academic year; however, interns may reapply for a second year.

**Due to a transitional period in staff at the Multi-Cultural Center, there will be no internship program during the 2012-2013 academic year.**

Photos of projects done by MCC Interns


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