Sac State / UC Davis MESA Center
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About the Sacramento State/UC Davis MESA Center
The Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) Program provides an opportunity for educationally disadvantaged students to become actively engaged in the exploration of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) careers. The Sacramento State/UC Davis MESA Program offers academic support to students in grades K-12 in preparation for college/university admission. Precollege programs include math, science and engineering competitions, field trips, STEM career explorations, preparation for enrollment into rigorous and challenging curriculum including honors and AP coursework, college entrance exams preparation, and encourages students to assume leadership roles and engage in civic service opportunities. .

MESA programs are regionally located and, in cooperation with school districts, also provide extensive enrichment summer programs, unique academically based yearlong projects, and partnerships with professional STEM representatives from local agencies.

Educationally disadvantaged students throughout the Sacramento region will also have the opportunity to advance themselves academically with the opening of a new Academic Resource Center based at Sacramento State University and supported by Sac State, the University of California, Davis and the Intel Corporation.

The Academic Resource Center is equipped with “top of the line” technology funded by Intel and will be available for research, classroom support, college and scholarship applications and completion of advanced coursework or study. The Center also houses an extensive collection of reference books and scholarship applications. Parents and K-12 teachers also have materials for check out and review.

The sponsorship of the program by Sacramento State University and the University of California, Davis campus not only provides academic support but also enrollment into university sponsored courses, programs and events for MESA students.

The Sacramento State/UC Davis MESA Center has a dedicated focus on academic rigor and all MESA students complete Individual Academic Plans, which are reviewed and monitored. Students are also notified of and offered academic support for major standardized tests and examinations to include the CAHSEE for math and English.