IMPORTANT NOTICE Applying for Fall 2015 Term: The university application deadline for Fall 2015 admission is November 30, 2014. Primary auditions for the Department of Music will be held in December, February, and May.

Advising Procedures
Audition Procedures
Auditions Requirements/Rep
Audition/Jury Schedules
Complete Course Listing
Large Ensemble Auditions
Theory/Piano Placement
Teacher Preparation

These requirements are in addition to the core requirements
Grade "C-" or better required in all courses applied to the major.
Courses in parentheses are prerequisites.

(1) MUSC 014D Basic Piano for Majors (Music major or minor and instructor permission)
(4) Select 4 units of Instruments: Intermediate°*+
(4) Select 4 units of Instruments: Intermediate ­ BM°++
(4) Select 4 units of Instruments: Advanced°*+
(4) Select 4 units of Instruments: Advanced ­ BM°++
(3) MUSC 103 Counterpoint (MUSC 007)
(4) MUSC 142 Music Ensemble: Large Performance Groups (instructor permission)
(2) MUSC 144 Music Ensembles: Chamber and Small Ensembles (instructor permission)
(2) MUSC 154 Advanced Instrumental Conducting (MUSC 151)
(2) MUSC 172 Repertoire Class in the Performance Major (instructor permission)
(1) MUSC 175 Junior Recital (admission to BM degree program)
(2) MUSC 185 Senior Recital
Program Requirements
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Music
Minor in Music
Graduate Studies

Add/Drop Classes
Audition Application
Advising Worksheet
Course Substitution
Degree Recital Packet
Graduation Petition
Jury Form
Jury Form (Vocal)
Special Problems
Voice Handbook
University Information
Sac State Admissions
For more information, please write or call:
Sacramento State Department of Music
ATTN: Mark Allen, Music Admissions Counselor
6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819-6015
(916) 278-6543
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