IMPORTANT NOTICE Applying for Fall 2015 Term: The university application deadline for Fall 2015 admission is November 30, 2014. Primary auditions for the Department of Music will be held in December, February, and May.

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Units required for Major: 75-78, including units for concentration (see below)
Minimum total units required for BM: 120
Grade "C-" or better required in all courses applied to the major.
Courses in parentheses are prerequisites.

A. Required Lower Division Core Courses (28 units)
(2) MUSC 001 Musicianship I (MUSC 005; Corequisite: MUSC 006)
(2) MUSC 002 Musicianship II (MUSC 001; Corequisite: MUSC 007)
(2) MUSC 003 MIDI Sequencing and Notation
(3) MUSC 005 Beginning Theory (Placement by exam.)
(3) MUSC 006 Intermediate Theory (MUSC 005; Corequisite: MUSC 001)
(3) MUSC 007 Advanced Theory (MUSC 001, MUSC 006; Corequisite: MUSC 002)
(3) MUSC 009 Music of World Cultures
(3) MUSC 010A Survey of Music Literature
(3) MUSC 010B Survey of Music Literature
(4) MUSC 142 Music Ensemble: Large Performance Groups (instructor permission)
B. Required Upper Division Core Courses (14 units)
(3) MUSC 105 20th Century Theory (MUSC 007)
(3) MUSC 106 Form and Analysis (MUSC 007)
(3) MUSC 110A History of Music (MUSC 010A, MUSC 010B, or equivalent)
(3) MUSC 110B History of Music (MUSC 010A, MUSC 010B, or equivalent)
(2) MUSC 151 Fundamentals of Conducting (MUSC 002, MUSC 007)

Additional Requirements for Concentrations

Select one of the following six areas of concentration (33-36 units):
Instrumental | Jazz Studies | Music Education | Keyboard |
Theory/Composition | Voice

All BM music majors, regardless of their unit load, shall be enrolled each semester in Applied Music for 2 units (until they have reached the maximum of 16 units), and in a Large Performance Ensemble until the Senior Recital is completed. Each music major is required to attend a minimum of 10 concerts and/or recitals each semester (A MUSC 100 series courses meets this requirement).
Program Requirements
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Music
Minor in Music
Graduate Studies

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