IMPORTANT NOTICE Applying for Fall 2015 Term: The university application deadline for Fall 2015 admission is November 30, 2014. Primary auditions for the Department of Music will be held in December, February, and May.

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Theory/Piano Placement
Teacher Preparation

Units required for Major: 20, including 9 upper division
Courses in parentheses are prerequisites.

Theory (6 Units) Select two or three courses from the following:
(2) MUSC 1 Musicianship I (MUSC 005; Corequisite: MUSC 006)
(2) MUSC 2 Musicianship II (MUSC 001; Corequisite: MUSC 007)
(2) MUSC 3 MIDI Sequencing and Notation
(3) MUSC 4 Elements of Music
(3) MUSC 5 Beginning Theory (Placement by exam.)
(3) MUSC 6 Intermediate Theory (MUSC 005; Corequisite: MUSC 001)
(3) MUSC 7 Advanced Theory (MUSC 001, MUSC 006; Corequisite: MUSC 002)

History/Literature (9 Units)
Select three units from each group:
Group 1  
(3) MUSC 9 Music in World Cultures
Group 2  
(3) MUSC 10A Survey of Music Literature
(3) MUSC 10B Survey of Music Literature
(3) MUSC 18 Music Appreciation
Group 3  
(3) MUSC 118B American Popular Music: Jazz
(3) MUSC 118C History of Rock Music
(3) MUSC 127 American Musical Theatre (GWAR Certification before Fall 09, or WPJ score of 80+, or C or higher grade in ENGL 109M/W, or C- grade in ENGL 109M/W or WPJ score 70/71 and ENGL 109X co-requisite)
(3) MUSC 129 American Society and its Music (GWAR Certification before Fall 09, or WPJ score of 80+, or C or higher grade in ENGL 109M/W, or C- grade in ENGL 109M/W or WPJ score 70/71 and ENGL 109X co-requisite)
(3) MUSC 186 Musical Acoustics: Science and Sound

Beginning Music Instruction (2 Units) Select two from the following:
(1) MUSC 14 Basic Piano for Majors, level B, C, or D
(1) MUSC 17 Voice Class
(1) MUSC 25 Voice for Musical Theatre (instructor permission and proficiency examination)
(1) MUSC 27 Beginning Voice
(1) MUSC 38D Beginning Hand Drums
(1) MUSC 38S Beginning Shakuhachi
(1) MUSC 39 Beginning Folk Guitar
(1) MUSC 40 any Beginning Instrument series
(2) MUSC 151 Fundamentals of Conducting (MUSC 2, MUSC 7)
Applied Music for 2 Units with department and area approval

Large Ensemble Experience (3 Units) Select three from the following:
(1) MUSC 100 Concert Attendance
(1) MUSC 142 Any Music Ensemble: Large Performance Group (Instructor permission)
(1) MUSC 143J Instrumental Jazz Ensemble (Instructor permission)
(1) MUSC 145 Pep Band (Instructor permission)

Students seeking supplementary authorization for single subject, standard secondary, and special secondary teaching credentials must register for one unit each of instrumental and vocal instruction in the beginning musical instruction section. Qualified students may audition for applied musical instruction as a substitution in this area.

Note: The last 3 units in performance must be taken at Sacramento State.

Program Requirements
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Music
Minor in Music
Graduate Studies

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