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Wardrobe, Policies and Procedures

WARDROBE:         Real Men Sing Photo Gallery - Sept. 23, 2011
Chorus Members are required to purchase the concert dress that includes a black tuxedo for the men and a long black choir dress for the ladies. This will be handled at the opening rehearsals of each semester via our volunteer Wardrobe Coordinator Caroline Schaefer. Caroline can be reached at Accurate measurements must be completed on the form provided to new members by the second week of rehearsals. Payment for the wardrobe is due prior to the opening concert of the season.  

Chorus Members are allowed to miss only two rehearsals per semester. Following these two absences, the student's letter grade will drop one letter for each additional absence. For example, three absences = B, four=C, five = D. Two tardies equal one absence.

Chorus Members are expected to assist with ticket sales and fundraising events for the California State University Sacramento Choral Music Program.

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