Format and Dates


Fees: The workshop tuition fee is $360 per session. A non-refundable $100 deposit is required upon acceptance to the Workshop (see below under Application Procedures).

Housing: Will be in the brand new American River Courtyard, in suites of 5 single rooms or 2 double rooms, each of which includes a kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave. In light of this change, we will no longer automatically include breakfast with your room. Breakfast is still available at the dining commons and other on-campus facilities for cash payment. Room rates have been reduced to reflect this change. Double rooms will now be $220 per person and single rooms $285.
Meals: There will be a $70 meal fee per participant that will include one meal per day (lunch or dinner depending on workshop schedule) catered to the music building. No meals will be served in the dining commons.

Scholarships: A limited number of scholarships are available to college and high school students (not including room/board or meals).   Check the scholarship box on the application to be considered.   Scholarship students are expected to help in the library and in stage-managing the daily recitals.

Application Procedure