The Marching Band rehearses during the fall semester, Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 3:30-5:50pm. Some days are spent inside for music rehearsal, while others are spent outside for marching rehearsal. The ensemble consists of three main sections: the wind block (woodwinds and brass), percussion (battery and pit) and colorguard. Auditions are not required to join the ensemble, though placement within sections may be auditioned. The Marching Band performs at home football games and select away games, in the stands during the games and on the field before the game and at halftime, as well as at several university functions throughout the year. The Pep Band performs at home volleyball and basketball games throughout the winter and into the spring.

As members of the Sacramento State Marching Band, we strive to create a community which reaches beyond the field of rehearsal or performance to impact the lives of our community and members. We will make every effort to represent the university and the SSMB with pride and honor at all times, and in all situations whether personal or professional. The result of our attitudes and treatment of each other will be reflected in optimal performance and rehearsal etiquette enabling us to achieve our goals as an ensemble.

Does it cost money to join the band?
It does not cost anything to join the SSMB itself, but you will need to purchase a standard music fee card from the Music Department for $40. Purchasing this card entitles you to borrow an instrument for the semester, allows for the usage of a locker in Capistrano Hall, and allows for use of the practice rooms and other services provided by the Music Department including free admission to many department events. In addition, you may also be required to purchase a marching shoes and gloves, which combined should run about $30-40. Colorguard students will need to provide shoes and undergarments.

Do I need experience to join?
No. While previous experience is certainly helpful, we will gladly teach you how to march during band camp and/or within the first few weeks of the fall semester.

What kind of time commitment am I looking at?
As mentioned above, the band rehearses on Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 3:30-5:50pm from the start odf school through November. Saturday game days are generally all day affairs, starting in the morning and going to 6:00pm (for 2pm games) or 10:00pm (for 6pm games). There is usually an additional away weekend (tour) as well as some weekday events throughout the semester. The band may also play at local High School band festivals, which usually occur on a home football game day. You can view the Calendar to see all our upcoming events, or download a season schedule from the Members page.

Do I need to be a Sac State student to join?
No. While most of our members are students at Sac State, we also draw members from local junior colleges, drum and bugle corps, and the local community as well. If you are not a Sac State student, you can apply for a courtesy parking permit for rehearsal days by filling out the Volunteer Employee Form form and returning them to the Marching Band Office (Capistrano Hall 255). Otherwise, it's $6 per day to park on campus.

How do I enroll in the class?
The marching band is listed as MUSC 142M in the class schedule and Pep Band is listed as MUSC 145. Logon to your My Sac State account to register for classes.

Sacramento State Marching Band • 6000 J Street • Sacramento, CA 95819-6015 • (916) 278-7571 • redfield@csus.edu