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Music Service Fee

Enrollment in most music course requires a Music Service Fee, which is essentially a lab fee that helps the department purchase and maintain equipment used in our classrooms and rehearsal and performance halls. The fee is $40 per semester for those enrolled in music major courses, or $20 for those enrolled only in general education courses (MUSC 8, 18, 101, 127, 129). These fees are automatically added to your university fees when you are enrolled in music courses. The Music Fee does not apply to online courses.

Sign Up Times for Student Degree Recitals - Fall 2014

Graduate Degree Recitals signups will be taken on or after April 21, 2014
Senior Degree Recitals signups on or after April 28, 2014
Junior Degree Recitals will be taken on or after May 5, 2014

You must sign up by May 23 if you intend to do a degree recital in Fall 2014. Sign up for recitals in Capistrano 121. (You can download a packet and forms here)

(NOTE: Recitals will not be scheduled to start simultaneously in two different rooms, nor will they be scheduled against any ticketed admission concert). Additional days and times by instructor and accompanist permission only.

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Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Music
Minor in Music
Graduate Studies

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