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B.A. Ethnic Studies

Native American Studies Program Concentration


Units required for Major: 36
Minimum total units required for BA: 120
Courses in parentheses are prerequisites.

A. Required Lower Division Course (3 units)


ETHN 011

Introduction to Ethnic Studies

B. Required Upper Division Courses (21 units)


ETHN 100

Ethnic America (passing score on WPE)


ETHN 110

The Asian American Experience


ETHN 130

Chicano/Mexican-American Experience OR

ETHN 131

La Raza Studies


ETHN 140

Native American Experience


ETHN 170

Pan African Studies


ETHN 194

Research in Ethnic Studies


ETHN 195

Fieldwork in Ethnic Studies

C. Electives (12 units) - 12 units - NAS upper division courses

(12) Four upper division Ethnic Studies and/or cross-listed courses selected with advisor approval to provide the opportunity for social, cultural and historical study; should also apply to the area of concentration; see note below.



October 6, 2007

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Fall 2007 Courses

ETHN   53 - Introduction to Native American Studies

ETHN  140 - Native American Experience

ETHN  143 - American Indians, Film and Popular Culture

HIST  171 - American Indian Ethnohistory

Upcoming Events

"The Americana Indian: American Indians in the American Imagination"

Exhibit Opening
Columbus Day
October 8, 2007
Sac State Anthropology Museum
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