January 2, 2007

2006 graduates enter positive job market

Commencement 2006This year’s college graduates had a lot more to celebrate at commencement than the end of term papers and tests. A recently released survey indicates that the class of 2006 has the best job market in the past four years—a fact that gave graduates at Sacramento State a good reason to look forward to 2007.

A National Association of Colleges and Employers survey found that employers plan to hire 17.4 percent more college graduates this school year than a year ago. The survey also said that employers across the country are continuing to increase starting salaries for new college graduates.

The starting salary offer increases rose in almost all curriculum areas, with business disciplines and information sciences seeing the biggest jumps in salaries.

Economics/finance graduates raised their average starting offer 6.2 percent, and accounting graduates’ offers grew by 4.6 percent. The average offer to information sciences and systems graduates went up 7.5 percent.

“One of the most exciting changes we’ve seen is in the increase in demand for accounting majors,” says Eva Gabbe, manager of the Career Center’s Recruitment Program. “Accounting graduates are doing exceptionally well in the job market. Graduates who choose jobs in sales are always in high demand—sales is the bread and butter of any company. And certainly construction management and engineering graduates are heavily recruited.”

Gabbe also indicated that more than 100 companies—including KPMG, Intel, PG&E, Target and Granite Construction—come on to campus during the year to collect resumes and schedule interviews.

“Corporations are looking for strengths such as oral and written communication skills, problem-solving abilities, leadership skills and good attitudes,” says Gabbe. “Students often wonder how they can get these skills during their college years, and we encourage them to become officers in clubs and organizations, get internships and find co-op experiences and relevant part-time jobs. When they attain these skills and use them in a professional setting, they certainly become the true executives of tomorrow.”

And the large number of employee retirements has an effect on newcomers to the job market. “The demand for college graduates is going to explode over the next several years with the growing number of retirements of Baby Boomers,” says Beth Merritt Miller, Director of the Career Center. “This is a change for the better for college grads.”

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