January 23, 2008

Sacramento State experts available for
election analysis and commentary

Sacramento State has numerous experts on elections, campaigns and public policy available to speak with reporters during and following the campaign season. They can be reached at their campus offices or by contacting the Sacramento State Public Affairs office at (916) 278-6156. Public Affairs can also refer reporters to other campus experts.

Tim Hodson, executive director, Center for California Studies
California politics, government, reapportionment
916-278-6906 hodsonta@csus.org

Ted Lascher, professor of public policy
Public policy, initiative process, elections, parties
916-278-4864 tedl@csus.edu

Kim Nalder, professor of government
Politics and media, public opinion, women in politics, term limits
916-278-6693 klnalder@csus.edu

Barbara O’Connor, professor of communications
Political communications, California politics, internet politics, polling
916-278-6415 boc@csus.edu

Robert Wassmer, professor of public policy
Government financing, business, taxes, education quality and testing
916-278-6304 rwassme@csus.edu