February 1, 2005

Library houses group-friendly work area

A new service has been added to the Library in conjunction with Computer, Communications and Media Services. The Library/CCMS Collaborative, also known as COLLAB, is a computer service and library work area available to Sacramento State students, faculty and staff located next to the Reserve Book Room. It’s across the breezeway from the main Library entrance.

COLLAB is quite different from other Library areas because it is meant for group work and activities, which means students are encouraged to talk and use cell phones freely. Nowhere else in the Library is this allowed and students seem to be enjoying the freedom of the popular spot. "I like that we don't have to be quiet all the time and that this area encourages group work. We can talk and study as we please," said senior Talyssa Vang. The space features comfortable seating and tables with special task lighting.

COLLAB is also more technologically advanced than many areas in the Library. Computers offer enhanced software and wireless Internet connections are also available. "The computers here are much better than the ones upstairs," says senior Lamba Zadron. "It's a great place to study." Sacramento State students may also checkout a wireless laptop from the Library Media Center. Faculty can check out laptops as well from the University Media Center in the lower level of the library. All computer services require a SacLink account for log-in.

COLLAB is a model for a larger service the Library would like to offer. It is tentatively set for the second floor of the Library after the University Computing and Communications Services lab relocates to the new Academic Information Resources Center building. There are several ideas being considered for how COLLAB will utilize this possible space.

"We want it to evolve into a place where project ideas can be born and evolve to their conclusion via workstations that offer more options than the current library research stations," says Fred Batt, Associate Dean of Public Services for the library. "The COLLAB is a work in progress."

For more information call 278-3689.


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