February 1, 2007

Increases seen in fall 2007 applications

Applications for fall 2007 increased by 9 percent overall compared to fall 2006, according to Sacramento State’s office of Outreach, Admissions and Records.

A total of 21,036 first-time freshmen, transfer and graduate students applied for admission to the University, compared to last year’s total of 19,249.

First-time freshmen transfers for fall 2007 totaled 15,521, a 9 percent change from the 14,231 total for fall 2006. Junior transfers, the largest group of transfer students, increased from 3,603 to 3,759, or 4 percent.

“One of our primary goals is to continue the gains we have made in enrolling a diverse group of students,” says Emiliano Diaz, director of Outreach, Admissions and Records.

Applicants who filed during the priority filing period will be notified in mid-April about their admission status.

Sacramento State recently ramped up outreach and admissions efforts with a new website and student ambassadors to assist prospective students with the application process. The website, at www.csus.edu/admissions/, provides vital information to future students, applicants and enrolled students. The student ambassadors, 10 in all, work 14-20 hours a week assisting incoming students with the application process and providing campus tours.

Kelly McRae, the student ambassadors’ supervisor, says, “Ambassadors are a vital part of transitioning prospective students into enrolled students. They provide telecounseling to the applicants and guide them through the admissions process, beginning with thanking the prospective students for their applications. The ambassadors familiarize the students with the My Sac State website, where students can get their application status as well as a checklist of things to do, and important announcements for enrolling students.

“The ambassadors also remind freshmen to sign up for orientation and to take their placement tests,” says McRae. “In addition, they provide blogs, an online diary of their Sac State experiences, and participate in a message board, where prospective students can talk about transfer information, admission information, general questions about Sac State and even fun things to do in the Sacramento area when students aren’t in class.” 

For more information, call Admission, Outreach, Admissions and Records at (916) 278-3901 or visit www.csus.edu/admissions/futurestudents.stm. For media assistance, contact the Public Affairs office at (916) 278-6156.