March 21, 2005

Campus settles on its name(s)

Sacramento State has settled on a standard naming system that officials hope will reduce community confusion and help the University raise its visibility.

The formal name of the University will remain “California State University, Sacramento.” The nicknames will be “Sacramento State” and “Sac State.” No other names will be used (CSUS, Sacramento State University, Cal State Sacramento, etc.)

Media are encouraged to use “Sacramento State” in all references, except in headlines and other situations where space is limited, in which case “Sac State” is preferred.

A new identity package that utilizes the nicknames is being created. Specific guidelines about how the formal name and nicknames should be presented, and how they should interact with one another, in both printed and electronic material are being developed. These should be available by mid-summer.

Under the adopted name system, the formal name will be used primarily on formal documents, including diplomas. “Sacramento State” will be used on materials created for general audiences, while “Sac State” may appear on materials for audiences that are highly familiar and close to the University, such as alumni.

The decision follows an extensive campus and community process that began early last year with town hall meetings hosted by Sacramento State President Alexander Gonzalez. The process continued through Web- and paper-based surveys, a random survey of 2,696 students as they registered for fall classes, and consideration of research and materials by a campus committee.

President Gonzalez then consulted with various campus groups before determining that a change of the formal name of the University, which had been recommended by the campus committee, did not have the necessary support.

The new naming system does not require approval by the CSU Board of Trustees. It will be used immediately whenever practical, and will be fully phased in over the next year so that campus units can deplete current stocks of printed material.

More information is available at or by contacting Sacramento State Public Affairs at (916) 278-6156.


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