April 25, 2005

Sacramento State professor honored for achievement in art

Sacramento State art professor Robert Brady is this year's recipient of the Outstanding Scholarly Achievement Award in recognition of his artistic achievements throughout his career. Brady will accept the award and present a talk about his work at 4 p.m. on May 3 in the Willow Suite in Modoc Hall. Brady's talk, "Body-language and Enchantment," will feature a slideshow of images of his artwork.

Photo of: Robert Brady
Robert Brady

Brady's specialty is figural abstraction sculptures of the human form, primarily made from wood or clay. The sculptures range in size from small figures to life-size. Brady explains the title of his lecture as a connection between the elements of body- language and enchantment in his work.

"Symbolism, expressed by and through the body in all its obvious and metaphorical possibilities is, in part, my goal," Brady said. "Additionally, I have an interest in language- language of the spoken and written word, language of the body, language of architecture, language of signs and symbols. Moreover, I think, as our world has grown bigger and more complicated, we have moved farther away from the experience of and the need for enchantment. Aside from nature, art has proven to be a powerful means to invoke enchantment."

In addition to human figures, Brady's art includes forms of everything from carved wooden insect angels and bug-eyed masks to two-dimensional paintings.

Brady has been a professor at Sacramento State for 30 years, and has been creating sculptures for nearly 40. He teaches all facets of ceramics at Sacramento State, as well as a graduate seminar. Brady has also served as a guest artist and lecturer at several universities throughout the United States, and was a panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington D.C.

Brady holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from California College of Arts and Crafts and a master of fine arts degree from UC Davis, and has had his work featured in numerous museums both nationally and internationally.

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