May 12, 2004

University inks Placer Campus deal

Photo of proposed CSUS Placer Campus land
Proposed CSUS Placer Campus land

California State University, Sacramento and Placer Ranch representatives have signed a formal agreement for a gift of land to build a CSUS Placer Campus.

The gift of more than 280 acres is at the originally proposed site for the campus that was announced last February. It is located near the juncture of Fiddyment Road and Sunset Blvd. West in South Placer County, in the proposed 2,200 acre development called Placer Ranch that is owned by venture philanthropist Eli Broad.

Groundbreaking at the new campus is expected as early as spring 2006.

“At Sacramento State, we’ve always seen ourselves as embracing the whole region. With this campus, that will be more literally true,” said CSUS President Alexander Gonzalez. “A quarter-century from now, the people of Placer County will look back on this as a momentous agreement.”

With the deal signed, University planners will begin putting together proposals for what the new campus will look like.

The University has already begun planning the academic program, an effort that includes gathering significant input from residents and from the area’s political, community and business leaders.

Branch campuses have become an important way that the 23-campus CSU system serves California's growing population. There are such campuses in Stockton, Concord, Palm Desert, Irvine and Imperial Valley.

A 2002 survey of Placer County residents showed demand for higher education facilities in the area. Residents said higher education opportunities are important for their children, for gaining skills they need in their careers and for attracting high-caliber employers.

Media assistance is available by contacting CSUS public affairs at (916) 278-6156 or Douglas Elmets of Placer Ranch at (916) 329-9180.


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