June 21, 2004

CSUS among leaders in degrees to Hispanic students

Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education has once again named California State University, Sacramento one of the nation’s top universities for granting degrees to Hispanic students.

CSUS was ranked 32nd nationally for awarding bachelor’s degrees and 59th nationally for master’s degrees. The publication used statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics.

CSUS was one of 18 CSU campuses listed among the “Top 100” in the May issue. All were leaders in granting bachelor’s degrees and 11 were leaders in granting master’s degrees.

CSU campuses consistently rank high in Hispanic Outlook’s annual listing. Like California, the CSU system is highly diverse, with ethnic minorities making up more than half (53 percent) of its student body.

CSU campuses listed in the Top 100 for bachelor's degrees are Cal State L.A. (3rd), CSU Fullerton (6th), San Diego State University (7th), Cal State Northridge (8th), Cal State Long Beach (10th), Fresno State (14th), Cal State San Bernardino (22nd), Cal Poly Pomona (24th), CSU Dominguez Hills (26th), San Jose State University (27th), CSUS (32nd), San Francisco State University (34th), Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (42nd), Cal State Bakersfield (63rd), CSU Stanislaus (69th), Cal State Hayward (73rd), CSU Chico (74th), and Cal State San Marcos (100th).

CSU campuses listed in the Top 100 for master's degrees are Cal State L.A. (9th), San Diego State University (16th), Cal State Long Beach (21st), Cal State Fullerton (23rd), San Jose State University (28th), Cal State San Bernardino (30th), Fresno State (38th), CSU Dominguez Hills (40th), Cal State Northridge (46th), San Francisco State University (53rd), and CSUS (59th).


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