September 1, 2004

Website spotlights campus happenings

A new showcase for campus-related special occasions is now available on the University’s website. “Scene on Campus” will feature photos of presentations, award ceremonies, banquets and the like from recognized campus organizations.

It is located at or by visiting the “People” section of the news website –

To get an item posted on the site, send photos from the event, along with a brief description, to Include your name, campus department and contact information.

You can send up to three photos per event and one description of up to 100 words – with links and contact information if desired. Make sure to include either the names of or something about the people in the photo(s) in your 100-word description. The public affairs office staff will edit lightly, looking for obvious mistakes or inappropriate material.

Photos must be electronic files of at least 2 by 3 inches or 3 by 2 inches with a resolution of at least 72 dpi.

The page is updated every other Monday, and material will stay up for one month before being archived. Those submitting photos are responsible for obtaining and retaining a Sacramento State photo permission form, signed by each person in the photo, available on the “Scene on Campus” page (for minors, form must be signed by parent or guardian). No photos will be run unless the permission forms are on file.

For more information, contact the public affairs office at 278-6156.


California State University, Sacramento • Public Affairs
6000 J Street • Sacramento, CA 95819-6026 • (916) 278-6156 •