September 7, 2004

Inauguration ceremony to open Homecoming Week

Photo: President Alexander Gonzalez
President Alexander Gonzalez

Inauguration Information

Homecoming Week on campus this year will open with a formal inauguration ceremony for President Alexander Gonzalez on Oct. 4 at the Outdoor Theatre. Seating for the event, which is open to faculty, students, staff and the community will begin at noon.

The ceremony, followed by a reception on the lawn under the redwood trees, is steeped in the traditional roots of higher education stretching back to medieval Europe. The tradition of an inaugural day is strong throughout higher education and more recently within public systems.

Toward the beginning of each new presidential era, the investiture ceremony provides an opportunity to celebrate the intellectual life of the university in bringing together all elements of the campus and the greater education community to focus on the goals of the institution.

Members of the emeriti faculty, current faculty and representatives of other learned societies will lead the President and CSU Chancellor Charles Reed, along with members of the Board of Trustees, in a formal procession to the ceremony. The head of the Faculty Senate presides.

The event not only signals that the new President has picked up the mantle of responsibility, but also the priorities and plan for the future of the academy. The Board and Chancellor will convey to the institution via the president the formal authority for its mission.

The chiming of the bells to call the faculty, the wearing of academic regalia and a traditional procession are important parts of the day in reaffirming the history and bonds of the academic academy.

The event is being funded by the CSUS Foundation and state and federal funds are not being expended.

Inauguration Information


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