September 8, 2004

Traditional music offered in
Chinese Moon Festival concert

Photo: of Chiffon Fu
Chiffon Fu

Virtuoso Chiffon Fu will fill California State University, Sacramento’s Music Recital Hall in Capistrano Hall with the hypnotic sounds of her guzheng – or Chinese table harp – during a concert at 3 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 19.

Fu will be accompanied by musicians from the Chiuko Traditional Orchestra of Taiwan during a show set to coincide with the annual Chinese Moon Festival.

Fu is master of the guzheng, an instrument that dates to China’s Warring States period of 446 to 221 B.C. Modern guzhengs have between 21 and 25 strings and are played by plucking with the right hand while the left hand presses the strings against the instrument’s bridge. Counterpoint melodies are often played with the left hand as well.

The concert will take place during the traditional period of the Chinese Moon Festival, an ancient celebration linked to the harvest and lunar month. In China the day is a holiday often marked with family reunions.

The University’s music department and World Music Club along with the Sacramento Chinese Culture Foundation are sponsoring the show.

Tickets for the performance are $15 general and $8 for students. They are available from the CSUS Ticket Office at (916) 278-4323 or For more information, call (916) 278-5155. Media assistance is available from public affairs at (916) 278-6156.


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