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September 11, 2001

Stars and Stripes ForeverPresident’s message to the campus community

The events of the last 24 hours have stunned us all. Some of us within the campus community have felt it in very personal and tragic ways. My heart and prayers go out to each one who has learned, or will learn, that this horrendous disaster has affected their lives forever.

I believe that all of us have in some way been affected by this enormous tragedy. There are only a few days in my life that have had such a deep and moving impact on me personally. We are not alone in this tragedy and will gain strength from each other.

The campus community and I are planning a convocation, perhaps later this week, to come together to talk about the disaster and what each of us can learn from it. It will be a meaningful conversation and I urge you to attend if possible. Details will be posted later this week on the main University homepage at

Donald R. Gerth


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