October 4, 2004

Director, actress discuss A Day Without a Mexican

Graphic: A day without a Mexican

Critically acclaimed director Sergio Arau and his wife, actress Yareli Arizmendi, who starred in Like Water for Chocolate, will discuss their film A Day Without a Mexican at 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 6 in the University Union Ballroom as part of Hispanic Heritage Month at California State University, Sacramento.

Arau and Arizmendi will talk about the making of the film, which had the second-best per screen average gross its opening weekend, an impressive feat for first-time director Arau. Arau is the son of Alfonso Arau who directed Like Water for Chocolate. A short excerpt of the film will be shown. A free screening of the entire feature is being scheduled for a later date.

A Day Without a Mexican stars Arizmendi as Lila Rodríguez, the only remaining Latino in California after 14 million Latinos vanish into thin air. The film poses the question: What would happen to California politically, economically and socially if there were suddenly no Latinos? Described by CBS Evening News as a "satirical mockumentary," the filmmakers say A Day Without a Mexican was made as an attempt to shed light on a population often taken for granted in California, or to, as Arizmendi puts it, "make the invisible visible." Controversial, humorous and thought-provoking, the film will be an important feature of the Hispanic Heritage Month festivities at Sacramento State.

Tickets are $10 general and $5 for Sacramento State students available at the Sacramento State Ticket Office at (916) 278-4323 or through Tickets.com.

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