September 13, 2007

University promotes peace from within at “A Day Without Violence”

The crowd flipped for the new Hornet Bookstore during its Sept. 12 dedication. Thomas Ball, Journalism, reads messages of violence survivors on T-shirts displayed at the Women's Resource Center's "A Day Without Violence”.

Porcupines and T-shirts, along with cultural performances, were part of the Women’s Resource Center’s and One Man Can Program’s “A Day without Violence” commemoration held on Sept. 11 at the University Library Quad and Redwood Room.

The West African Drum and Dance Club performed in the Redwood Room, which was followed by a performance of a traditional “friendship dance” performed by the Jesse “Chuy” Ortiz Quetzaocoatl Citlalli Aztec dancers.

In the University Library Quad, Jessica Heskin, advocate and educator at the Women’s Resource Center, produced an interactive art project called “Porcupines for Peace”.

“We were looking for a peaceful animal that students could make,” Heskin said. “Porcupines only show their quills when threatened, and other than that, they’re not violent.”

Right alongside the “Porcupines for Peace” booth was the veteran Clothesline Project, a display whose pieces have been collected over the past 10 years.

T-Shirts decorated in paint with personal messages written by survivors of violence hung from a clothesline with a laminated color code sheet nearby. The white T-shirts represented women murdered and the various colors of blue, red, purple, pink and orange symbolized other crimes against women.

Jason Williams, a junior at Sacramento State, stopped by the booth to create a porcupine to show support.

“Violence is a vicious circle,” he said. “So we need to stand up and say, ‘I’m not going to partake in violence.’”

For more information, contact the Women’s Resource Center at (916) 278-7388. For media assistance contact the Sacramento State Public Affairs office at (916) 278-6156