September 14, 2005

Sacramento State raising funds for
newest students - those displaced by Katrina

Campus welcomes students displaced by hurricane
Campus pitches in to help hurricane victims
CSU opens doors to students affected by hurricane

Governor Call to Californians
Red Cross
CSU Aids Students Affected by Hurricane Katrina
Sacramento State hurricane relief and related information

Sacramento State President Alexander Gonzalez announced today that the University has set up a special scholarship to assist students who recently enrolled here after Hurricane Katrina forced from them from their universities on the Gulf Coast.

Funds will assist students with tuition, housing, books and other expenses. An initial gift of $5,000 has already been pledged.

"These are remarkable students," President Gonzalez said. "They've been driven from their universities, their dormitories and apartments. College life as they have known it is lost. But they're rising to the challenge of continuing their education, and I believe this community will help them."

As of early this week, Sacramento State had admitted 25 students from universities including Xavier, Dillard, Tulane, University of New Orleans and Southern University. Seventeen were fully enrolled, and most of the others were busy finalizing a class schedule. Additional students were expected to apply this week.

Most of the paperwork usually required for admission is being waived for now as campus officials work to quickly guide the students through admissions, financial aid and advising. Application fees are also being waived and many of the students are being admitted with a deferment of fees.

Donations to the fund may be made online or by check. For online donations, visit and click "make a gift" on the left navigation bar.

Checks may be made payable to the "CSUS Trust Foundation" and mailed to:

Sac State Katrina Fund
Sacramento State Development Office
7750 College Town Drive, Suite 200
Sacramento , CA 95826

For details on how to give, contact the Sacramento State Development Office at (916) 278-6989. For media assistance, contact Public Affairs at (916) 278-6156.


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