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September 27, 2001

Stars and Stripes ForeverCampus Community Memorandum

FROM: President Donald R. Gerth and Faculty Senate Chair Robert Buckley

Our University is a community of faculty, staff, and students from many ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and we are proud of this diversity. The tragic events that occurred on September 11th at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in the fields of Pennsylvania have profoundly affected us all. Unfortunately, there have been incidents outside our community as well as isolated incidents within that have more deeply affected many of our students. They believe and fear that they may be the target of harassment and even violence. These fears have affected their studies and, for some, prevented them from attending class. These are not ordinary times, and we ask that faculty and staff be sensitive to the added stress that these students are experiencing. We all need to be more accommodating; even reaching out to these students that need not only our support but also our reassurance of their own value and their contribution as part of our Sac State community.

Reaching out to those students who are unable to ask for help may be difficult for many. But rather than wait or hope that someone else will extend a helping hand, please seek the help of colleagues of our student affairs staff. Early intervention can help all of us in this difficult time. The student affairs staff is ready and available to help, and Vivian Miller, Special Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs, is the point person for contact in that office. If you have questions or would like help in any form, please call Vivian at 278-6060 or contact her through e-mail at

In closing we have linked to a statement issued by the Department of Justice last Thursday, a statement that reminds us of our role and our responsibility as citizens and to one another.

Statement from Assistant Attorney General Ralph F. Boyd JR. regarding the treatment of Arab, Muslim Americans or Americans of South Asian descent.


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