November 6, 2006

Mercury to Transit the Sun
Viewing visible with special filters at Sacramento State

Photos from Mercury Transit on November 8, 2006

Sacramento area astronomers and star gazers are in for a special treat this week: the planet Mercury will transit the Sun on Wednesday, November 8, and it will be visible for Sacramento observers.

The event will begin shortly after 11 a.m. and continue through 4 p.m. Safely viewing the transit requires telescopes with special filters. With that in mind, Sacramento State’s Department of Physics and Astronomy will set up a transit observing platform on the roof of Amador Hall.

“It will look like a little black dot moving across the Sun,” says Chris Taylor professor of Physics and Astronomy at Sacramento State. “The next transit will not occur until 2016 and that will only be partially visible in Sacramento.” The total time for the transit will be less than five hours.

Transit Timeline

External Ingress 11:12:38 A.M. PST
Internal Ingress 11:14:31 A.M. PST
Greatest Transit 01:41:02 P.M. PST
Internal Egress 04:07:42 P.M. PST
Internal Egress 04:09:35 P.M. PST

For more information on the Mercury transit, contact Chris Taylor at (916) 278-6480 or or Jason Ybarra at the Sacramento State Department of Physics and Astronomy (916) 278-6518 or visit

For media assistance, call the Sacramento State Public Affairs office at (916) 278-6156.


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