December 6, 2004

Job outlook very promising for winter graduates

Commencement information

For many students graduating from the University this holiday season, their most welcome gift may come in the form of a job offer. Like their counterparts nationwide, graduates participating in Winter Commencement ceremonies Friday, Dec. 17 and Saturday, Dec. 18 at Arco Arena, are entering the best job market since the dot-com days, says Marilyn Albert, director of the Sacramento State Career Center.

Caps and gowns—rather than jerseys and shorts—will be the uniform of Arco Arena during winter commencement ceremonies this month.
DIPLOMA DAYS— Caps and gowns—rather than jerseys and shorts—will be the uniform of Arco Arena during winter commencement ceremonies this month. Ceremonies for each of the University’s seven colleges will be held Friday, Dec. 17 and Saturday, Dec. 18. For details, visit

“Students are getting more offers and they are getting them sooner,” Albert says. “Usually students have to wait a while but this year many are finding out before graduation.”

And the opportunities are across the board, even in areas such as technology which had seen slowdowns as of late. “We’re definitely on the upswing,” says Eva Gabbe of the center’s management recruitment program.

Accounting students have been particularly sought after, Gabbe says, because of the rigorous demands of the accounting programs, which requires Sacramento State students to take 30 units of auditing coursework. “So they are more prepared when they get out than their contemporaries from schools that don’t demand the courses we have here,” she says.

Other employment sectors are showing strong demand too, particularly in areas relating to construction. Albert says the employers aren’t looking for people to do construction per se, but to fill the support functions that go with housing developments such as interior design or recreation and leisure. There has also been a resurgence in recruitment for students from all majors by the CIA and the FBI.

Albert says that employers are increasingly drawn to the campus because they are looking for students with work experience. Nearly 60 percent of students at Sacramento State participate in at least one internship before graduating, helping them gain the leadership skills, decision-making skills, organizational skills and language skills that come from experience in a work setting.

For students still on the job search, the Career Center provides walk-in counseling, access to job listings, and opportunities to meet with a career counselor for resume preparation assistance. And once they have graduated, services are still available for a fee to both Sacramento State grads and those who’ve attended other CSU campuses.

The schedule for Sacramento State Winter Commencement at Arco Arena is:
Friday, Dec. 17

Saturday, Dec. 18

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