December 6, 2007

University students receive scholarships for
writing “greatest book never written”

Joan Kudin, a senior majoring in Communication Studies, was one of the bookstore scholarship recipients.
Joan Kudin, a senior majoring in Communication Studies, was one of the bookstore scholarship recipients.

The debate about the best book ever written has ensued for time immemorial. But Sacramento State students turned that argument on its head when they competed in an essay contest titled “The Greatest Book Never Written.” University students—32 in all—received a $250 gift from University Enterprises, Inc. and the Hornet Bookstore for their winning 250-word essays.

Titles of winning essays included, “A Cookbook for Life,” “College and Parenting,” and “The Idiot’s Guide to the Meaning of Life.” Book ideas included an “owner’s guide” on how to be a man, building a mass transit system in California similar to the ones in England and Japan, and a book that would explain every imaginable question, such as why we always hit red lights when we’re in a hurry, why Britney Spears wore such a horrendous costume to the Video Music Awards and, of course, the meaning of life.

Joan Kudin, a senior majoring in Communication Studies, received a scholarship for her essay about a woman inspired to write a great novel but is too lazy to put pen to paper. “The price of school textbooks inspired me to enter the contest,” Kudin says, who will use the gift to buy textbooks next semester. “The essay required a maximum of 250 words, so that was appealing, as well.” This is the second year in a row Kudin has entered and won a bookstore scholarship.

The entries were scored by members of the Bookstore Scholarship Task Force comprised of faculty, students, and Hornet bookstore and University Enterprises staff. The task force is a sub-group of the Bookstore Advisory Council and serves to develop and implement programs to support $10,000 a year in bookstore scholarships for University Enterprises distribution.

The scholarship program is the result of University Enterprises’ partnership with Follett Higher Education Group in managing the Hornet Bookstore. Scholarship funds not awarded as part of the annual essay contest are provided to the Library Reserve Bookroom to make some of the more popular textbooks available to all students.

For more information, contact University Enterprises at (916) 278-7001. For media assistance, contact Sacramento State’s Public Affairs office at (916) 278-6156.