December 10, 2007

Sacramento State staff shine at
Academic Resources Conference

The Academic Resources Conference, created by Robin Pollock, administrative analyst for the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies, is an example of how leadership begins at Sacramento State. 

The goal of the conference was to create an open forum in which budget analysts throughout the California State University system can help one another problem solve and develop leadership skills. This year’s conference was held Nov. 28-30 at the Cliffs Resort in San Luis Obispo. In the first year of the conference, there were 20 college and university budget analysts representing 10 campuses for a one-day meeting. There were 140 participants from 21 California State Universities in attendance.

“Our surveys and evaluations have shown that networking is a key element to this conference,” Pollock says. “The chance to talk with people who are experiencing the same situations, challenges and opportunities is priceless.”

For the attendees, the scope of the information and presenters varies from business and human resource issues to personal and professional development presentations.

“The sessions helped attendees have a good understanding of the California State University system, how they fit within that system and how to obtain their professional goals,” Pollock says.

There were 14 participants from Sacramento State, some of who took part in presenting. Associate vice president for Finance Suzanne Green presented on-campus business partners, showcasing the campuses' abilities to build bridges between various campus divisions. Assistant vice president for Research Administration and Contract Administration David Earwicker co-presented on grant administration.

“I think when you hear Sacramento State’s motto ‘Leadership begins here,’ this conference really supports that concept,” Pollock says. “I am thrilled to see that ARC has become a professional development opportunity that meets so many people’s needs.”