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Protect your belongings


Kelly Clark, Sacramento State Police Sergeant:

We’ve had a high incidence of bicycle thefts. Bikes being left unattended, unlocked, we’ve experienced several of those.

Had some vehicle burglaries, auto burglaries specific. The thieves have been targeting property which is actually visible to them from the outside of the vehicle. So, we encourage people, you know, just use good common sense when they park and leave their car unattended. Of course, lock it. Any property of value, we recommend, please don’t leave that visible inside the car. If you have to leave it in the car, lock it up in the trunk.

Most of the crime that we experience here are actually crimes of opportunity. Students, staff, faculty: someone will leave some property unattended, Someone sees it and has the opportunity to take it, and then they take it.

Something that helps us a lot: we always encourage people to take a minute and to record serial numbers on items of value. And that could be just about anything. So if the item’s recovered somewhere else, in another state, next week, next month, next year – and a police officer runs that serial number, it will come back stolen from a particular jurisdiction and that’s how we’re able to recover those items.

Reporting the events makes us aware of the activity. We can change our patrol routes, we can change our personnel distributions.

The uniformed officers are a very, very visual deterrent. And of course that has its place in what we do. A major effort of ours also, is to make people aware that everyone’s responsible for campus and community safety. So we encourage people, if you see something suspicious, please, take a minute , notify the police department and we’ll come out and investigate.