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California State University, Sacramento

Posted: November 4, 1999

Future Teachers Filling CSUS Classrooms

New figures show California State University, Sacramento's intense effort to recruit future teachers is paying off, with the number of students studying for credentials at the University growing 15 percent in the last year.

This fall, 1,516 students are in teaching credential programs at CSUS, up from 1,322 last fall and 1,177 in fall 1995. That's good news for California, which needs as many as 300,000 new teachers in the next decade due to a swelling school-age population and class size reduction.

The rapid growth completes a three-year goal in a single year, says Maurice Poe, acting dean of the CSUS College of Education. He credits a dedicated CSUS faculty, as well as public schoolteachers and administrators.

"Our professors understood the need and the challenge, and they got the job done," Poe says. "They're the reason we've been able to grow so quickly, and the reason we are able to continue growing."

CSUS has developed a slew of new initiatives, including year-round operations in teacher education, evening/weekend programs and alternative credentialling programs. All allow students to earn credentials more quickly or more conveniently than traditional programs.

Teacher education at CSUS has been a priority since its founding more than 50 years ago. The University has one of the largest teacher education programs in the state, granting more than 1,000 teaching credentials each year. The CSU system as a whole educates more than 60 percent of California teachers and grants about 14,000 credentials each year.


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